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      Can anyone recommend a good website (or publication) dealing with settlement patterns of Ireland? I’m interested in village settlements in particular, those native to Ireland such as clachans and also estate villages such as Stradbally Co. Laois.

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      Paddy Shaffrey’s ‘Buildings of Irish Towns’ and ‘Irish Countryside Buildings’ by The O’Brien Press has some good stuff.

      ‘Urban Ireland’, also from O’Brien has a bit too. Early 1980s, written by Dermot Stokes but not mentioned on the cover. Might have been a school book? Produced by the ‘Curriculum Development Unit’.

      But it really depends on who you ask- the IRDA would give you a very different version of it from the one you’d get from me. But then again, I’m a Dub who doesn’t understand the plight of…etc etc.

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