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      Hello all, I was reading this thread about moving the Ilac library to the amabassador theatre and began to read about the new proposal on the D.C.C. website for Parnell Square. When I was googling Parnell Square I came up with this item on Ebay where the “sellers” are advertising a piece of the walkway (presumably paving material?) This drew my attention to the state of the paving around the Hugh Lane, it’s already covered in enormous cracks! The proposal for the renewal of the square, from reading the PDF, looks more like a commercial redevelopment to me – just continuing the new ‘look’ of O’Connell Street to encompass Parnell Sqaure too. I think it’s a terribly bland, unimaginitive approach. The new paving stones for a start are absolutely terrible compared to the original Dublin granite – they are more like patio paviours! A friend of mine has it on good authority that they came from Portugal – Air miles!
      Anyway, I’d love to hear what other people think. The plan looks just terribly ‘fashionable’ and superficial to me – trying to get historic Dublin to homogeonise with places like Berlin. It’s so dissappointing in it’s soul-lessness!
      I wonder if the ebay sellers will have any luck, and is it the new paving that they are selling? It wouldn’t be difficult to come across a dislodged piece of that!

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      Yes I heard of that too. They are selling bits of the paving. The new granite, whether it is chinese or portuguese, is terrible comapred to the old Dublin granite. What a pity it has become too expensive, even with all the shipping. I agree – the plans that Howley Harrington did for Parnell Square are disapointing. I hope they use Wicklow/Dublin granite though.

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      The fact of the matter is, the marketplace just hasn’t been the same since that charming tile shop on Dartmouth Square was shut down.

      I, for one, will be placing my bid immediately. I have read the captivating item description on eBay and look forward to owning a piece of this potically poignan square.

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