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      Is anyone out there interested in sharing an office space?

      I am keen to hear from architects who already rent a space or are interested in finding people to rent with.

      Why share?
      – Lower rent and utility bills
      – Possible shared use of equipment / resources
      – Exchange of ideas
      – Potential collaboration on projects, although not essential

      – Dublin city location, or close to centre
      – Good daylight
      – Reasonable rent
      – Relaxed but enthusiastic design atmosphere

      About me:
      I’m a newly qualified Dublin architect (early 30’s), with an interesting educational and practical background (at home and internationally). I’m currently involved in mainly domestic work, but I’m also interested in finding larger scale work and entering competitions when suitable ones crop up.

      Please send me a ‘private message’ if you are interested.

      I would also be grateful to hear anyone’s (serious) views relating to starting up a small practice in our current economic climate!

      Many thanks

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      Paul Clerkin

      There is a school of thought that a recession is a goodtime to start a business. If you can keep your costs down, and succeed now, then you will be in a strong position come the recovery. However work may be hard to come by.

      Good luck with the offices – shared workspace is a rewarding experience.

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      Thanks, Paul

      Yes. The impression I’m getting is that there is quite a bit of domestic work out there – a good starting point for a new practice. Not enough competitions, unfortunately.

      The concept of small design practices (be it architecture, graphic design, fashion) sharing an office space is very common in other countries. I’m sure there is scope for it in Dublin, if it doesn’t already exist?

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      Try posting on Creative Ireland.

      Seem to remember someone offering something like this.

      Good luck.

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      I’ll try this, reddy. Thanks

      Although, my preference would be to share with other architects, if possible. Maybe there are some lurking on…

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      Paul Clerkin

      r2b2 – draft an ad, and I’ll post it to the archiseek ireland email newsletter

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