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      Does anyone know where I could find information on section 4???I know when people get refused one off housing they can get a section 4. Is this in the Planning & Development regulations?

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      Not sure what you mean by ‘a Section 4’. Section 4 of the PDA 2000 refers to exempted development. Was this what you meant?

      If you go to and look for No. 30 of 2000 (The Planning and Development Act) it will give the full text of the Act, including Section 4.

      If it was something else, maybe give a bit more detail here so we can answer accurately.

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      What I mean is if you are from a small village (say1000residents) and want to get planning a mile up the road you cannot do this because you do not qualify under certain criteria namely policy SS9.

      If you live within a village boundary you qualify-if you live outside the village boundary you dont
      Its just so black and white–and a lottery system
      So one if the options is to get a “!Section IV/4”, which basically means getting loads of councillor to vote for the permission on your behalf.
      Now I’m just wondering where in the planning regulations does it state anything about this section 4???

      Can I just mention while we are all giving out about one off housing -Are we not just making developers richer and richer selling off “dickied up” shoe boxes for 600-700k without even room to put a dog box. And alot of these estates are badly maintained and alot of the houses are of poor design quality and alot are located far out of towns and certainly not within walking distance.

      And Im not saying all this because I am looking for a one off house. I have one and am very lucky that I was born just outsidea village boundary.
      I just cant help feeling sorry for all of those that have grown up in rural villages that are now been called “growth centres” and are not allowed build a few hundred yards up the road.
      Its not a fair system at all!!!!!!

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      I believe you mean section 140 which is where a corrupt bunch of councillors form a cartel to over rule the council planners they are elected to oversee and vote en masse to put through a planning consent as a motion before a council meeting.

      If this is your chosen route you have probably missed the boat as the next wave of them is unlikely to emerge before early 2009 and is limited to a very small number of councils

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      Thomond Park is right, henry. What was formerly known as a Section 4 is now called a Section 140 (I asked a colleague today). Go to the Statute Book site I linked above and have a look at Section 140 of the PDA 2000.

      Or just ask a Kerryman.

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