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      The ultimate goal of the City is to strengthen the downtown’s existing land use mix, focusing on developing the economic vitality of the existing businesses and encouraging new retail activities, mixed use projects, housing, educational, arts and entertainment activities.

      This project will enhance the existing community and regional focus on the courthouse square area and encourage the downtown area as a destination. Redesigning the courthouse square area will enhance its sustainability as a focused pedestrian-friendly and transit oriented district.

      The proposal will address the walkability of downtown by providing an outdoor public ‘living room’ for adjacent existing and planned mixed-use developments. The project will examine sites that could be redeveloped to provide locations for cultural activities. Proposals will address the preservation and revitalization of the City’s historical resources.

      The City views this as a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to enrich this ‘heart’ of the City and to create a focal point in a manner that truly symbolizes this community and which will provide an appropriate image for its many activities.

      Open, two-stage
      Registration Deadline 05/02/2007
      Submission Deadline 05/02/2007

      Donn Logan FAIA, Bernie Schwartz, Steve Oliver, William Montgomery and Jane Bender

      Further Details

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