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      I know this topic has probably been discussed before in different threads but here goes anyway.

      What do people think are the worst or best aspects of new builds (rural one off’s). They destroy the landscape, are urban generated so therefore car dependent and environmentally unfriendly, have no respect for traditional Irish architecture and are on the whole totally unsustainable.

      On the other hand they have stimulated ‘site farming’, have re populated backward rural areas and give ex urban dwellers a better quality of life.

      What do people think? Why should they be encouraged / restricted / banned?!!!

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      Good summary,

      have a look at the County Wicklow development plan where very sensible criteria have been adopted and quotas per townland exist,

      anything that receives as much infrastructural subsidy as this form of development must only be undertaken on community grounds, ie to serve entirely specific local needs within local communities where a direct family connection exists. The fingal system of tying occupancy is also entirely necessary, what is to stop John Murphy returning from Boston for the Christmas break signing an application and returning to the States with the planning permission for sale in the local auctioneers to be sold Juan Garcia from Miami? Between John and Juan they get a free infrastructural/utility/post/waste collection subsidy courtesy of the Irish tax payer.

      Unfortunately most urban migrants and holiday home occupiers only want sites in the most scenic locations, the very places where development should be most restricted. There is no doubt that a particular number of rural houses are required on land holdings that are zoned agricultural, it makes no sense making a farmer buy a house in a town and forcing him to commute to work, or there is a definite rationale to allow younger family members build a house close to their parents so that they can care for them in latter years.

      What makes absolutely no sense is the current situation where sites are farmed out by farmers through auctioneers with no planning permission and then sold to city dwellers and holiday home types in areas that have been found to be ‘agricultural areas’ by professional planners.

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      Sadly restricted is probably the best possible outcome. Local councillors haven’t the stones to ban it (Kerry) and everybody “knows their rights” and can “do what they like with their land”. Village regeneration should be prioritised, and local ties etc. promoted but the ESB, eircom, bin charges and water charges etc. should be allowed charge full economic cost to houses built in areas where it is against the public interest. That’s the best that can be hoped for I think.

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