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      can anyone recommend roofing contractors for a georgian house in the mayo area.

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      I can’t recommend one. But I can warn you Roofing contractors are completly untrustworthy. They are the worst of all the trades. I’ve just done up a geo. house in Dublin 1. My roof has 2 valleys carrying rain water over the house (worst design ever!)
      I had to replace the aluminum valley with a Copper one. and despite going for the “premuim” option the damn thng is still leaking !

      The first roofer I burn’t a hole in my neighbours breathable membrane & i’ve rang the second one every day for the last 6 weeks – he won’t return my call to fix the “guaranteed” works on the valley.

      It is not worth anything: but get references and ring them all. Try to physically oversee all their work.

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