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      so what do you all make of this. Pity they don’t just restore the old house properly. At the moment it’s just a collection of tourist shops. And that suburban housing beside the estate is awful. I presume AN Taisce will objetct. They’d be right too!


      Ritz Carlton’s first Irish hotel boost for Wicklow
      THE luxury Ritz Carlton group is to open a hotel in Ireland for the first time next year.

      The hotel, which will be built in Powerscourt, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow, said it will offer an unprecedented level of luxury for guests.

      Treasury Holdings, the property company backed by Johnny Ronan and Richard Barrett, are investing €120 million in the hotel, which it said will employ 300 full-time staff.

      Treasury said the 300,000 sq ft hotel will be located within the 1,000-acre Powerscourt Estate.

      It will have 203-plus rooms, mainly large suites including a presidential suite of almost 3,000 sq ft.

      The hotel will have four lounge and restaurant areas and a terraced dining facility overlooking the Sugarloaf Mountain.

      It will also feature private dining facilities, a ballroom and meeting rooms catering for up to 1,000 people. The hotel’s spa will have 24 treatment rooms, VIP suites, hot and cold hydrotherapy, a gym and swimming pool.

      “We are delighted to bring one of the largest and most prestigious hotel groups in the world to Ireland and especially to the world-renowned Powerscourt Estate.

      The development will further boost Wicklow – the garden county and Ireland’s east coast as a premier European tourist destination, bringing great benefits to the Irish economy and tourist industry,” Treasury Holdings said yesterday.

      The opening in Ireland is the latest in a series for the Ritz Carlton group, which will operate the hotel.

      The development was welcomed yesterday by the Bray & District Chamber of Commerce as a boost for tourism in the area.

      It is estimated that the hotel will generate revenues of €60 million for the local economy.

      “While North Wicklow is well served with four star hospitality providers, the area has been unable to attract lucrative conference and tourism business due to the lack of five-star accommodation as well as state-of-the-art and five-star conference and banqueting facilities,” a spokesman for the chamber said.

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      Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow

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      The mother of all wedding cakes.
      So it’s not going to be in the shell of the house itself then?

      Exactly what is the status of the house now – has just the entrance hall been restored, and the rest left as it is?

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      It goes well with the Burlington Road Villa

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      Paul Clerkin

      Are we sure that the Romanians executed Ceaucescu

      makes the original house look like a peasants hovel

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      Looks like he and Victor Emmanuel have been scheming in the wings.
      Best that can be said is that those trees should hide most of it; though obviously that depends on them being planted…

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      You’re all a bit behind on this one. construction started months ago.You can’t miss it as you drive up the avenue on your left. I livenearby e and I heard nothing about it until I spotted it like a UFO in the trees. How they got planning permission is a mystery. However, since it is being built and nothing can stop it now, I hope they do their utmost to keep it hidden in the trees on the avenue. A Hotel Built by rich knobs for rich knobs. 🙂

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      @Graham Hickey wrote:

      The mother of all wedding cakes.
      So it’s not going to be in the shell of the house itself then?

      Exactly what is the status of the house now – has just the entrance hall been restored, and the rest left as it is?

      I was there last week and from the outside the building looks completely restored – quite pleasant indeed. Inside there are two food halls and a gift shop. I’m not sure if you can access the upstairs yet. Out the back there’s an area to sit and drink herbal tea with fantastic views of the Wicklow Mnts and the gardens.

      The hotel at the moment is just a massive skeletal structure – it’s hard to miss. I was quite taken aback by it’s size.

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      And the house featured in that ‘Count of Monte Cristo’ movie on tv last night, moonlighting as the Count’s residence (I think- I didn’t watch it all). Interesting to see the amazing gardens lit up and performing as they might have in their prime, replete with fancy ladies and dandy gents.

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      Yes, and the hall is often used for photoshoots too. A magnificent i/12th scale model has been built of it, it’s in the US now I think.
      In a similar vein to Russborough, who owns the house and gardens now – Wicklow CC?

      You can hire it out for weddings now too – so that’s why the Ritz looks like a cake…

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      Paul Clerkin

      I think the Slazengers still do.

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      Really?! Good to see the estate seeing happier times again in terms of the success of the gardens and improving house.

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      Just wondering will they be selling suites in the Ritz!

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      Paul Clerkin

      the Con Power treatment from Wed Irish Indo

      The boom in the hotel building business continues unabated. The latest recipient of the hospitality industry’s largesse is County Wicklow, where a super-hotel – operated by the Ritz-Carlton Group will soon make its presence felt

      THE East Coast – and Irish tourism as a whole – has been given a major boost by the Ritz-Carton decision to operate Ireland’s most luxurious hotel in the ‘Garden County’ of Wicklow.

      Bray & District Chamber of Commerce immediately welcomed the advent of the hotel group as “a signficant tipping point in the development of premium tourist facilities in the North Wicklow area”.

      Chamber spokesman Jason Cooke said that North Wicklow is already well served with Four Star Hotel providers, but the lack of Five Star accommodation allied to top class conference and banqueting facilities has meant that the area has so far lost out on the opportunity to attract lucrative business.

      The new €150m Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt is indeed the biggest hotel and resort development project ever undertaken in Ireland.

      The new development aims to eclipse existing prestige leisure centres like Mount Juliet, Ashford, Adare Manor and Dromoland.

      Construction on the impressive new development in the 1,000 acre Powerscourt Estate commenced last January and the new six storey resort hotel is already at roof level.

      Situated in a dramatic wooded setting just 15 miles from Dublin, the new Five Star hotel will include 203 stunning guestrooms plus world class spa, spectacular terrace overlooking the Sugar Loaf, sumptuous restaurant areas and ultra-modern conference facilities.

      The building contract is being undertaken by Sisk and the ambitious scheme will provide up to 1,000 jobs overall.

      The construction phase represents a real landmark in its own right. The project has been in gestation since 1992, when the Slazenger family first rolled out its masterplan to restore Powerscourt Demesne to its former glory.

      The historic house (dating back to 1300 and badly burned in 1977) was duly conserved, but early plans to include a hotel dimension elsewhere on the grounds proved abortive. Leading developer Treasury Holdings was duly recruited in 1997 and a lengthy planning phase was then embarked upon – now happily reaching fruition at last.

      “We went after the world’s Number One luxury hotel brand,” said Dermod Dwyer, project director. “Treasury negotiated a 10,000 year lease on the ten acre site at Powerscourt Estate and we knew from the outset that a simply spectacular scheme could be achieved there.

      “So we made up our minds there and then not to settle for second best. Ritz-Carlton is rightly known worlwide as ‘the Best of the Best’ and the decision to come to Powerscourt is a major coup for the Irish tourism industry.”

      The success of the Avoca Handweavers retail presence in Powerscourt House has already signposted the commercial possibilities at this major tourism magnet.

      Bob Pfeifer, chief architect Ritz-Carlton, hopes the new Powerscourt facility will be the best golf and spa resort in Europe.

      The €150m Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt is the biggest hotel and resort development project ever undertaken in Ireland.
      The Powerscourt hotel has been designed by James Toomey Architects in association with Peter Silling (Cologne) and Jeremy Williams.

      The crescent-shaped 28,000 sq m building will be in a neo-classical Palladian style with 3.6m floor to ceiling bedroom heights, 280 sq m presidential suite and 2800 sq m spa.

      The luxurious spa has been designed by E’SPA which, according to the recent Conde Nast review of spas around the world, has already been responsible for 10 of the top 25 including Sandy Lane and the Mandarin Oriental.

      The facilities will include 24 treatment rooms, VIP suites, hot and cold hydotherapy, an array of holistic tranquil spaces, together with state-of-the-art gym and swimming pool. Treasury Holdings sales and marketing director Dee Ahern adds that around 400 staff will be employed in the new hotel.

      No less than 60 special trainers will, meantime, come to Ireland to prepare the staff before the ‘soft opening’ planned for end 2006.

      Service will be top drawer, Ms Ahern adds. The Ritz-Carlton credo, after all, is: “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen”.

      Powerscourt, of course, has its own well established tradition of gentility. Indeed, in comparatively recent times, the late Princess Grace of Monaco hosted the 1960 Red Cross Ball there – at a cool Iré£1,000 per head.

      So, it’s back to the future – and a new lease of life for Powerscourt.

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      Is that journalism or PR? (Perhaps that’s what you mean by ‘the Con Power treatment’- not being an Indo reader I wouldn’t know.)
      And is the Jeremy Williams the same one who wrote the book on the Architecture of Ireland, 1837-1921? A flawed book, but he should still know his neo-classical Palladian from his elbow. For shame.

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      Indeed :rolleyes:

      “impressive new development”
      “stunning guestrooms”
      “spectacular terrace”
      “sumptuous restaurant”

      “now happily reaching fruition at last”

      Is this for real?

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      aLl the articles in property supplements are basically advertisements. Sometimes they are right beside the actual advertisments, and have mostly the same text.

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      August 21st: @Frodo wrote:

      A Hotel Built by rich knobs for rich knobs. 🙂

      September 15th: @Ritz Carlton wrote:

      We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.

      Eerily prescient choice of words? 😉

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