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      Hello there and hope this is the right place – so forgive me if it’s not!

      We’re looking to talk to people about lighting and in particular retail lighting- I’m sure many of you have seen some pretty fantastic stores & probably some stores that are not so fantastic. How do we light them better or get better?
      Do you want to know more about retail lighting and the benefits of how a well lit store could enhance sales and a provide a happy client?

      Please give us a shout back and we’ll get talking.

      Look forward to hearing from you all soon.

      p.s. again, apologies of this is not the right area……perhaps pointers in the right direction etc etc

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      The Design Shop would be a good place to start, they offer both retail design and lighting design. You can buy lights directly from them also.

      Hope this Helps

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      Talk to Kathy Berry.

      I’ve worked with Kathy on Stewart Hall, Ryders Row Apartments, Dublin 1.

      A good knowledge of the lighting market – positive to work with generally.

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