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      Just wondering if anyone can tell me where I could find a list of contents for
      1. Retail Impact Statements and
      2. Environmental Impact Statements?????:confused:

      Thanks in advance 🙂

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      The Retail Planning Guidelines are pretty good at illustrating how a RIS needs to be structured and formulated. However, the ways of doing an RIS are quite varied, you can have two approaches, one looks at available expenditure, the second looks at a market share approach, e.g. redistruibuting income around a catchment.

      The Planning Regulations give the statutory list of matters that must be looked at in an EIS. The EPA also has good guidelines on what should be in them but the best way is to have a look at one in a Council Planning Office (although the quality varies)

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      Local Development Plans should have a Retail Strategy Plans, failing that look to
      E.I.S/S.E.A contents can be downloaded via, hope this helps

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      I think you are getting a little confused between retail strategy plans and a retail impact statements;

      for the retail impact statement you would have to examine some larger planning applications where one was submitted as part of a wider application for a large store or retail park or shopping centre and try and modify it to dovetail with the relevant retail strategy. If it were me I would hire a consultant unless it is a very small scheme

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      My mistake, meant to to say Retail Impact Assessment.

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      Thanks for your replies, much appreciated. Thought I would just post up my findings for future reference if anyone else is wondering about these things.

      So in the assessment of Retail Impact there are generally 6 steps

      1. Identification of catchment/study area
      2. Estimate expenditure available in catchment area
      3. Estimate turnover of the existing centres within the catchment area which are likely to be affected by a new development
      4. Estimate the turnover of the new development
      5. Estimate quantum of consumer retail spending available in catchment which will be diverted from existing centres to the new retail development (normally highlights diversion of expenditure by zone in catchment area)
      6. Aggregation of zonal diversions from each centre to the new development to provide an estimate of trade diversion, this is then expressed as a proportion of the centre’s turnover at the target year to provide a measure of impact

      Then for EIS the structure is generally as follows;

      Should include info for;

      1. Proposed development
      2. Existing environment
      3. Impacts of proposed development
      4. Measures to mitigate adverse impacts
      5. Non-technical summary

      The existing environment & the impacts of the development should be explained by reference to the possible impact on

      1. Human beings
      2. Fauna & Flora
      3. Soil
      4. Water
      5. Air
      6. Climatic factors
      7. The landscape
      8. Material assets, including architecture, archaeology, heritage & cultural heritage
      9. Inter-relationship between the above factors

      The impacts should address direct, indirect, secondary, cumulative, short/medium&long-term, permanent, temporary, positive& negative effects as well as impact interactions.

      All pretty obvious but good to have in list form :p

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