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      Architechtural developments in irish cities on Radio 1. Can download the shows. Had a listen to the one on Cork was quite good. Would’ve been better on TV. Here’s the blurb from the Radio 1 website. On radio 1 on mondays I think.

      As part of The State We Are In series of social documentaries examining issues of concern to contemporary Ireland, Revealing Irish Cities is a new six-part series in which architect and broadcaster Gerard Kennedy takes producer Alf Mc Carthy on a personalised journey through some of the major cities on the island of Ireland.

      The genesis for this project was a series of heritage vignettes broadcast on the RTÉ Radio Cork service for many years, when Gerard and Alf explored the architectural, social and historical aspects of the streetscapes of Ireland looking at unusual features and aspects of architecture, pointing out how many of these treasures hide in plain sight and discovering the unusual human interest stories behind their construction. The style of the programme was based on the rapport between architect and producer and gave rise to an informative and entertaining series.

      In Revealing Irish Cities, Gerard and Alf ask how well do we know our own cities, working from the premise that it is amazing what we do not see or know about the familiar landscape of our urban jungles. This series will reveal the unique character and different aspects of some of our cities through personal observation as well as contributions from individuals in tune with their own place.

      The first programme looks at Belfast. Other cities to be examined over the coming weeks include Derry, Dublin, Limerick and Galway.

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