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      Mike Purdy

      I have a question for any architects or consulting engingeers carrying out work for public bodies, particularly via eTenders:

      Do consultancy/architectural services, always have to be posted on eTenders? I’m thinking in the case of where the consulting engineers function is to prepare and evaluate tenders on behalf of the public body client – Seems a bit ironic!

      More than a couple of times, we have been approached by an organisation enquiring about lift construction projects that they wish to prepare tenders for, then we almost get the job only to find out our appointment is stalled because they feel the consultancy service itself has to go out to tender.

      Extremely frustrating when our function would be to ensure due process in the tender and project, thereby ensuring proper use of pubilc money, (and considering there are very few specialist lift consultants who could do the job)!

      Is it just paranoia on the part of the awarding bodies I wonder?

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      Over 10K has to go to tender in Ireland, over another figure think, it might be 50K ,it has to be published in the official journal of the EU.

      I’d be sure your company is well aware of this, you can get agreement from one dept in a local authority but when it goes to the director of services another decision might be taken. In my work area this has happened before-eg we are already on a panel, chosen to do a project, price agreed and someone higher up pulls the plug and goes elsewhere- presumably at a lower price. The process is nowhere near as transparent as it is supposed to be imo.

      You will also see tenders pulled at short notice presumably when a candidate company spots an anomaly in the tender brief and the whole process is pulled by the public authority for fear of legal action down the line. The amount of tenders run in a slipshod manner could get keep a canny procurement lawyer in cases for years.

      have also come across one or two tenders that were in the papers but not on etenders for fairly large projects, or tenders only posted in the gaeilge section of the etenders website – one can only assume there is a genuine oversight in these cases?

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      I think it is fair to say that metro north will be the public in your face example of the process… whether we achieve average off the shelf architecture or truly unique architecture with a twist remains to be seen…

      I am betting that the interiors will look nothing like the tender/planning drawings new renders will be released but they will be crossrail like…

      There will be no competition for the design of the signage or stations…
      which means we wont get an opera house or anything close…
      The architect or architect collective will come on board boxed in with no third rail…

      the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) system is the system I have beef with for strategic architecture glass is cheaper for now…

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      If gratuitous shape-making represents turbo capitalism’s obsession with form, PFI/PPP was its blitzkrieg on civic values. But though the reckless business model has failed, our government is still pouring unimaginable amounts of our money into these failures, then begging the banks to use some of it to restart processes that have so emphatically failed to deliver decent built environments.

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