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      I work for an Architectural practice where alot of our work involves the deisgn of one off rural houses.
      On occasion we would advise our clients that they should seek a pre-planning meeting in relation to their proposed development.
      The frustrating thing is that one Local Authority in particular have little or no pre-planning procedures.
      Theay have whats called a pre-planning discussion form which has to be submitted to them. The details that are put in this form includes location of development, type of development etc and applicants are advised to attach relevant photographs of the site and so on.

      Generally what happens (4-6 months later) the Local Authority sends out a response to the Pre planning discussion form and almost invariably it includes a comment which statres ‘the applicant should comply with the relevant development plan’ which is so vague that it means nothing.
      This is the most frustrating aspect to the planning procedure I have encountered in my 12 years in the business.

      I have noticed other Local Authorities have a facility whereby they have clinics on certain days for applicants to meet with the planners personally.

      Can anyonr here share their experiences when it comes to pre-planning procedure?

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      Section 247 of the Planning Act states that a person who has an interest in land and who intends to make a planning application may, with the agreement of the planning authority concerned (which shall not be unreasonably withheld), enter into consultations with the planning authority in order to discuss any proposed development in relation to the land and the planning authority may give advice to that person regarding the proposed application

      Hope this is of some help.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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