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      Has anybody built with Poroton blocks such as the T8 from FBT? Any advice on price, pitfalls, problems or positive aspects.

      any help would be appreciated

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      T8 is the perlite filled one, T12 with EPS is a better job. Not worthwhile doing unless you have proper detailing at floor and eaves level. You’re only as good as your cold bridges.T8 is 0.23, T12 is 0.27. The majority of working Architects haven’t bought into the low energy thing yet,too busy churning out speculative minimum standard construction, I guess. Poroton on its own has good phase change and moisture diffusion properties, but can be leaky without the EPS. Paroc is a better outsulation, but is pricey, EPS with a vented cavity inside the rendered fibre cement board seems the best job. There’s a poroton building in construction at Deans grange at the mo.

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