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      Does anyone know where this came from…it sounds quite outlandish for anyone, never mind the corporation.

      Interesting all the same!

      “August 30 2004: Plaza over rail station is highlight of city revamp

      A new public plaza over Heuston Station with public walkways to link it to the Phoenix Park and the city centre is the most striking undertaking in Dublin City Council’s development plan. The plaza will be on a podium above the station and will be the centre point of the redevelopment, which will contain a significant number of residential and commercial units. Along with the area around Heuston Station, Spencer Dock is the only other major land bank available to the local authority and it will continue to be developed with a mixture of residential and commercial premises. According to Deputy City Planner Jim Keogan, these two areas form the outer limits of the capital’s new city centre. “

      taken from archeire search under “heuston”

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      I think what it refers to is a plaza going over the tracks as opposed to the building.

      Which is an interesting idea.

      You are right that any structure going over the magnificently renovated station would be a complete disaster.

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      Rumour has it that CIE have stymied this plan which was really quite visionary.

      Regretfully I don’t have details.
      Anyone else able to cast any light?

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