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      Anyone know of planning objection reasons, viable ones that can actually affect a house being built in the Wicklow area?

      If anyone knows of documentation etc online of course !

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      objections can be made on any grounds. suitability, sustainability, appearance, character, purpose, effect, site characteristics, personal grudge, you name it. are you objecting or being objected against?

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      Neither. A Friend of mine was buying subject to pp and just found out that 3 out of the 4 houses around her placed objections before she even purchased the site. Objections were made to the owner of the land and now he is reluctant to sell.

      The ironic thing is that she is from Wicklow and her parents live literally a field away. The objectors are from Dublin and Sligo.

      The house is nothing odd or out of the ordinary just a dormer type.

      My site is in Meath and not many around but i am sure someone will object at the time!

      Thanks a lot

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      It is always strongly advisable to consult the relevent planning authority before purchasing any property where securing development consent is required.

      Vendors will promise the earth the moon and stars, but it is ultimately the puchaser who bears the risk.

      Two words: Local Profeesionals

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      go to county council and get a copy of what the objections were.

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