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      Hello everyone, I am looking for a little information. We are building an extension which is exempt of planning permission. But I am confused with one bit and hope someone can help me. I hope to put in either a pellet stove or a pot belly soild fuel stove (both will need a chimney ). I was wondering am I exmept still from planning permission

      In the government site (exemption from planning ) its says

      10. Can I build a chimney and a boiler house ?
      A boiler house or a chimney for a central heating system, or an oil storage tank, is exempted develpments.

      I am not sure would a wood stove fire be a central heatin system.

      Anyone every did this or have any ideas.

      Rang the planning office and the couldnt give me a straight answer.


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      Have you checked the www for Sustainable Energy Ireland ( It’s the outfit that gives the grants for wood pellets. If it’s not on the site, give them a ring. Usually pretty helpful as it’sthe promoter of the concept here, rather than planners who have no vested interest.

      Gut feeling- you should be fine. But don’t take my word for it. 🙂 Ignorance of the law is never a defence, as the man says.

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      Thanks for the advice ctesiphon , I will have a look

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      Wood pellet boiler or stove with a back burner would be classed as a central heating system and so is exempt.
      If it is a stand alone stove with a flue, Affects the building in the same way as the other two, in fact it is smaller, so it would have to be exempt too.

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