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      This certainly applies in Dublin and may apply elsewhere in Ireland, wherever those solar powered parking meters are in use.

      I’ve noticed that the Dublin City Council has been erecting large numbers of these as they extend pay parking to the inner suburbs. They’re placing the meters on the pavement and they take up far too much space on narrow paths. It’s now impossible to pass some of them in around Sandymount and Ringsend if you’re in a wheelchair or have a buggy they’re totally blocking the pavement!

      I’ve noticed a trend in Dublin (more so than other cities, including Cork) to clutter the pavements with very odd positioning of sign posts, bins, and other “junk”.

      Can the city council not comply with the normal approach to placing sign posts at the edge of the pavement? I’ve seen plenty of examples where sign posts unnecessarily encroach on the pavement and make it difficult for people to pass.

      The parking meters are a particularly annoyance as they’re much bulkier than poles!

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      The answer to your question lies beneath the Civic Offices…….and NO it`s got nothing to do with silly oul Viking artefacts…. 😀

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      Those new silver parking meters are enormous. Are they the solar ones?

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