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      Hi Guys,

      I have a question regarding a part 8 development. Really hoping someone can give me a steer.

      The council are planning to build a duplex unit as part of a PART 8 development.
      Since it was voted through by the Councillors in 2015, the layout of the plan and orientation of buildings has been completely changed.
      The rear bedrooms of the duplex unit will now face the front bedrooms of some of the houses on an existing housing estate.
      I addition the hedgerows are being removed from the road and replaced with a green wire mesh fence.
      The fence will be broken up by the back wall of the duplex unit. – so Fence – wall -more fence.
      They council stated that a minimum standard of 22 meters between directly opposing rear first windows is generally observed.

      My question is – is it allowed to have a rear bedroom of a house facing a front bedroom of another house.
      I can’t seem to find any regulation that prohibits this but I was under the impression it wasn’t allowed.



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