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      I recently bought a site in a coastal location in North Co.Dublin. There is an existing cottage on the site which is virtually derelict (although it was occupied until 6 months ago).

      I would like to demolish it and build something very contemporaray which will take best advantage of the great views.

      I’ve talked to various architects, many of whom have felt that there will be planning difficulties with the CoCo.
      But hey – where isn’t there?

      On the other hand I can’t afford the possibility of numerous attempts at getting Planning being rejected and wasting tons of money on a doomed enterprise.

      One suggestion I’ve had is to go for OPP instead of FPP at first – in order to minimise costs and establish that the basic design idea we have will get the go-ahead eventually.

      Is this a sound approach – or does it just waste time and prove nothing?
      What do you think?

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