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      I’m thinking about building my own house here in good old Dublin City and before I get carried away with some whacky design ideas I’m hoping that some of you guys migh have some good pointers or experience as to what will get planning permission.

      I want to build something different but not totally spaceage. Nor for that matter mock Georgian. But, my fear is that I might have to conform to the norm.

      What do you peeps think?

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      The good news is that because your proposal is within the development boundary it would be referred to as infill and not a ‘one-off house’ as such. The only important criteria in the pre-design stage is does the site have the capacity to accomodate a given quantum of development without negatively impacting on neighbouring amenities.

      The level of skill of your selected design professional will be reflected in the quantum of development that can be provded without damaging neighbouring amenities as well as the aestetics of the finished project which it sounds like you are likely to occupy yourself should planning be secured.

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