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      Can anyone tell me that when a person lodges a submission with the planning authority are the aforementioned obliged to contact them when anything is lodged to the planning application, or does it merely serve to all intents and purposes as a means whereby the P.A. will inform them of their decision regarding that application? :confused:

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      Based on my experience of Dublin City Council – they are not obliged to contact you when anything else is lodged. So, if for example there was no decision made but a request was made by PA for further information you will need to keep checking back with PA to see if the info has been recieved. This can be inportant as you will need to know when the info has been recieved and when the decision is made to if you want to lodge an apeal in time. There’s no point losing time waiting for them to contact you.
      Also note that they do not neccessarily contact you directly and may instead place an ad in a national paper.

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