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      Does anybody have any information about the new library to be built in Wexford town- it’s planning application specifically?

      The site chosen was formerly a car park and is on the boundary of the grounds of the Rowe Street Church, which also serve that purpose. The building is to go directly in front of (if not actually incorporating a part of ) probably the most significant section of the old Medieval town walls with it’s rare if not unique mural tower. This stretch of wall forms the actual boundary of the church land, on rising ground with the church visible soaring over the old walls, best seen walking up Corn Market. I can’t find any material on it anywhere online.

      This render is on the hoarding on site. Is the library buildings actually enclosing the southern section of the wall? Here’s the render and some pictures of the site as a car parkand now with the hoarding already up.





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      I noticed this when I was there recently. Seemed a tight site for a library and in very close proximity to the walls.

      The greenacres building in Wexford Town is magnificant. Any images of the new opera house?

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      Look here a for a photographic chronicle of the Opera House’s construction,

      and some stuff on some other Wexford buildings too but nothing on the library. I really do not at all like the this project mangling all views of the medieval walls.

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      here’s an article and some pics of the new opera house…..

      …it looks super

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