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      @RTE Interactive wrote:

      Govt agrees to prepare NDP successor

      04 August 2005 11:54
      The Government has announced that it has agreed to the preparation of a successor to the current National Development Plan which runs to the end of 2006.

      The new plan will cover the seven year period from 2007 until 2013.

      Its preparation will be co-ordinated by the Department of Finance.

      Announcing the decision, the Minister for Defence, Willie O’Dea, said the current National Development Plan was delivering an unprecedented enhancement to our economic and social infrastructure.

      Mr O’Dea also indicated that the Government would draft a separate and parallel programme to promote social inclusion and tackle poverty.

      What about the physical infrastructure?

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      I think economic infrastructure includes physical infrastructure such as roads and rail…

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      There is no breakdown between economic and social in the last plan let alone use of the word infrastructure

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      A lot done…a lot more to do…by sure don’t worry about that.

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      I don’t think there is a lot done;

      Inter-Urban Roads programme

      Curragh Glanmire 120 miles
      Airport Border 40 Miles ( Dub -Balbriggan & Dunleer bypass excluded)
      Kilcock Oranmore 105 miles
      Kilcullen Waterford 60 miles
      Portlaoise Limerick 70 miles

      Total 405 miles


      Curragh to Potlaoise 25 miles
      Glanmire Fermoy 15 miles
      Portlaoise Limerick 0 miles
      Kilcullen Waterford 0 miles
      Kilcock Oranmore 23 miles (under construction)
      Dublin Border Complete by 2006 40 miles

      Total 103 miles

      Rail complete by 2006

      2 seperate Luas lines total 20 kms


      Kildare Route project
      Luas extensions

      The last plan has failed and one wonders will the new packaged version be any more successful?

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      @Thomond Park wrote:

      There is no breakdown between economic and social in the last plan let alone use of the word infrastructure

      I just looked at the the link you posted and there is a pie chart giving a high level breakdown of what was to be spend on roads and public transport. Also, the annual budget for roads is in the region of 1.4 billion a year and often I’m sure if we look around we can find the costings per road project. Not perfect I know πŸ™‚

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      Sorry the word last should have read latest.

      It is broken down into category areas in the NDP pie chart as you rightly point out the delivery of projects versus the plan is pretty tragic all the same:

      The housing allocation also came unstuck as 2000 prices would have supplied 70,000 units whilst about 20,000 units were provided by end 2004 representing another significant failure

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      Interesting article on the RTE website today:

      On the face of it the idea seems like a good one.

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      It does seem sensible…although isnt this what the Minister for Finance is supposed to be doing. I cant see Biffo letting someone else take the limelight from him.

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      @StephenC wrote:

      It does seem sensible…although isnt this what the Minister for Finance is supposed to be doing. I cant see Biffo letting someone else take the limelight from him.

      True but being realistic the Minister for Finance, regardless of who it is :-), should be making pretty high level decisions. Anyway I’m sure they have many other areas to handle so maybe having someone under the Minister who can get stuck into the nitty gritty details and look at the NDP from a strategic perspective may make good sense. It may well be the way forward in trying to deliver an NDP on time and in budget. That said, there is no silver bullet when it comes to delivering big, complex projects on time and in budget…

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      Alek Smart

      Interestingly recent negotiations between the Social Partners in the Dublin Bus scenario threw up the little nugget of how the Dept Of Transport decided to withold funding from Bus Atha Cliath for the purchase of some 200 EXTRA buses due to “Lack of Progress” on the issue of restructuring of the Metropolitan Bus Market.
      The Dept having belatedly realized that its then current plans had more holes than a sieve decided to throiw a hissy-fit and take it`s ball away.
      The REALLY interesting aspect was discovered in a memo related to the decision which it seems was taken IN 2002 !!!!!!
      So what in the name of all that`s holy have the “Negotiators” been at for the past 3 YEARS…?
      Therefore ony 2 years into a supposed 6 year plan those responsible for it`s progress decided to withdraw from it.
      As it presently stands Bus Atha Cliath may only introduce a new vehicle into service if it withdraws one at the same time.
      This nonsensical rule is interpreted rigidly to the letter and the results can be seen (and felt) daily as the Company attempts to juggle and reallocate an ever decreasing (In real terms) fleet to plug gaps in service to areas which have gone stratospheric in the past 3 years.
      I would contend that the Public Transport elements of the NDP never amounted to more than a Hill of Beans with little or no strategic overview being taken of the ACTUAL demands being imposed upon the CIE Companies.
      The issue of restructuring or franchising or anything else WAS,IS and SHOULD BE totally seperate from the ACTUALITY of PRESENT service demand.
      Just as the present situation in the Dublin Taxi Market is hugely unstable and indeed could be argued,Unsafe so to was the intention to reverse into some form of deregulation of the Bus Market whereby Minister Brennan considered that a total revamp of Dublin`s Bus Operations could be achieved without ANY regulatory input whatsoever.
      Not alone was this Lunacy but it was for a time Official Govt Policy until certain senior Civil Servants actually began to notice that Mr Brennan was wandering about the corridors of power totally naked and summoned up enough backbone to whisper the fact discreetly into “Somebody`s” ear.
      So every time I see a Bus/Train/Tram or Armoured Fighting Vehicle sporting a “Funded under the auspices of the NDP 2002-2006” I immediately reach for my bottle of Absinthe……..
      Lets just bring back Senor Melis and give him a Job….?

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      This is really just the government ,

      just trying to sow flowers over what has’nt been done ( A LOT DONE MORE TO DO) πŸ˜‰

      its all to do with the re-election , and oh we must not forget 2006 is coming soon πŸ˜‰
      and πŸ˜‰ and again πŸ˜‰
      The actual finishing date of the NDP . ding dong πŸ˜€

      So what are the results ? and what are the government thinking about , the results ? quite frankly shitting it , so they are watering the flowers πŸ˜€ In other words to cover up the embarrasement!
      So they go publish another Ndp……
      Yet again , like there other plans, ie,
      separate body to get roads building,
      fast track roadsbla bla bla,
      Western railway ,
      or the other one Cullen mentioned was to have two separate bodies to the road and rail plans
      ie .. one for Dublin and one for State , where’s the action in all this? 😑
      And Cullen line dances all around his published platform for change plan for Dublin , that was scrapped and revived.
      Despite since all the gi-gon of this continous rubbish words and writing , RTE shoots etc of how well there are carrying out the Ndp, or how much there are going to spend and what they are doing next… its over and over.

      NDP , really means (No Damn plans) πŸ˜€ exuse my french.. πŸ˜€

      Anyway I just like to make awareness of how the government is playing there old tricks to far too long now…
      And what do most Irish people do keep them in, :rolleyes:

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