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      Has anyone heard the results of this OPW organised competition. Stage 2 assessment was due on 28/9/99.

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      I have since heard that Geoffrey Reid Architects, London have won this competition. Any images available.

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      Are the headquaters going to be built any time soon?

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      This thread refers to a competition for a site in the Phoenix Park- Infirmary Road, I think. It was shelved at the time for some political reason, if memory serves because the future of the Dept (where I worked at the time) was uncertain. It was ACG, then AHGI (including Duchas), then divided between CGRA (CRGA?), DEHLG and AST. (There’s a prize for anyone who can guess what all those letters stand for.)

      The current ‘decentralisation’ fiasco has probably shelved it indefinitely/permanently.

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      Paul Clerkin
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      The site is, correct me if I’m wrong, going to be the location for a new purpose-built criminal courts complex, leaving the Four Courts for purely civil matters. No designs have been put forward and I’m not even sure if it’s been put out for tender.
      Interestingly, a major site just up the road, directly across from the Department of Defence has planning permission in for a major development.
      There are a couple of nice old derelict buildings on the site, all of which appear to be protected. They aren’t part of St Bricin’s Hospital but border on to it.
      From what I can recall, the new development will consist chiefly of the by now ubiquitous six to seven storey apartment blocks.
      A creche and a few other facilities are promised to soften it for Dublin City Council.
      Between this and the demolition/redevelopment of O’Devaney Gardens confirmed over the past few days, there is going to be a lot of construction going on in this neck of the woods in the years to come.

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      that reid building really sucks, its a shitty version of yokahama done by some old timer with crayon concept sketch. i really hope it never gets built or it will have aged horrifically by the time it does

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