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      I know, this Forum is about architecture, not about jobinfos, but I didn’t find any better adapted. Perhaps you know one and can give me a hint? Anyway, I hope here are some architects who can give me advice!

      I am an architect from Germany and plan to work in Dublin for some time. My Questions:
      – How is the situation on the market? Are there good jobs to find?
      – Has anyone tips or hints to adresses of good architecture firms searching for people? Where can I find rankings in www?
      – What is the best way to get jobs? eMails? tromp? agencies? unsolicited application?
      – How much can a young architect earn (5 years experience in jobbing parallel to studies)
      – What is the most common CAD-software used in ireland? I’m a specialist in Archicad. Where can I find a list of firmss using archicad?

      I would be deeply grateful for any hints

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      click on “job search” on the left column.

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      Thank you, but I already knew this address, of course. I’m searching for some practical tips to my Questions.
      For example to this: “Is arranging job via a agency the usual way to get a job as in architect is GB / IRL? Whats your opinion about unsolicited applications and tromping? Does that make sense or is this an unpopular approach in the eyes of the architecture pratices?” Perhaps someboy can give me some hints!?!

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      You can do either…agency or unsolicited CVs…of course if you go through an agency, you know they’re looking for people…unsolicited CVs might just go in the bin…I’ve found both work, both are well enough accepted.

      From what I can tell from my friends, there seem to be jobs around (i’m not looking at the mo)


      Regarding ArchiCAD, I’m not sure how you could find a list…possibly if you contact the ArchiCAD website, or rep in Ireland, they could give you the names of a few offices.

      I presume you mean you worked for 5 years whilst you were a student, or during summers? Are you just finished your degree? Well, I’m not sure what that makes you…most offices are interested in post-graduate work, but that would depend on what work you did, how much responsibility, etc you have….I’m not sure, you might be looking at €25,000 – €35,000, which is typical for a person with 2 years post grad experience.

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