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      Originally published by RTE Interactive

      Heritage safeguards ‘worthless’: Gilmore

      17 June 2004 16:56
      The Labour TD, Eamon Gilmore, has told the Dáil that safeguards included in the National Monuments Amendment Bill are worthless.

      Mr Gilmore said that the bill, which contains a provision to allow the Government to sell off national monuments, only gives the National Museum 14 days to investigate and assess the value of any monument or site of potential importance.

      The main aim of the bill, which was published by the Minister for the Environment, Martin Cullen, earlier this week, is to allow for construction work on the M50 at Carrickmines Castle to be completed.

      While I wish to see the completion of the M50 I can’t help thinking that Cullen has done it again. The provision for only 14 days of examination by the National Museum is just not enough.

      Who would buy a National Monument to retain it as is and still give public access?

      Fair enough selling surplus OPW sites that were used for storage in our urban centres, but monuments.

      This will delay the M50 another two years if it ever clears the Supreme Court, the key was to draft legislation that could stand up, this is breach of at least two European Protocols which are pieces of superior legislation.

      Sadly Dublin’s commuters will have to wait even longer for respite

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      Cullen might be a bit of a cunt……..He was on Primetime last night pompously waffling on about road develpment etc……..We definitely need the roads, basic infrastructural roads connecting our major towns (I won’t describe them as cities)….Left to the Greens, etc we’d be all riding bicycles on dirt tracks aka boreens…..but Cullen looks as if he would be willing to plough the roads through Tara and such ancient sites etc. Where’s the common sense, especially when he’s willing to squander E50 million on the unuseable electronic voting. Half-wit Irish again.

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      Rory W

      There was a clever argument put forward about bypassing the N2 and N3 with a road in between them. and run a spur to kells and a spur to the Derry road closer to the border to reconnect there. See the map attached for a rough idea about what was proposed. This plan would have missed all the contentious sites.

      There would be spur roads off to towns like Navan etc along the way. It seemed to make sense to me

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      Rory W

      Bloody attachment wouldnt attach

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      I agree that the Waterford site should be preserved but I think the argument over Tara is a load of crap.
      The new motorway will be further from the Hill than the existing N-3. And this idea that a motorway (which will include a flyover to ease access between sites) somehow drives a wedge between the historic sites doesn’t make any sense to me.

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      The Tara site is nothing short of magical to visit – any roadway should be sufficiently far away. But anyone watching last night could make no objective judgement on how it might impede or not – not even a basic graphic was provided, or any sort visual aid, which was ridiculous although not surprising.

      AT played a blinder as always…

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