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      Alek Smart

      Have any posters managed to experience the magnificent son-et-lumiere dusk performances by SIAC on Nassau St over the past few evenings.
      Never mind relocating the Abbey,this is presently the best theatre in Dublin and it`s all FREE !
      I`m still unsure of the protocol which surrounds these types of Civil Engineering projects but from experience it appears to revolve around Official Disinterest/Professional Negligence in equal measure.
      The City Council will doubtlessly point to the fact that the work was undertaken during the evening hours as a major part of their “People Friendly” strategy as,of course EVERYBODY goes home from work at 5.30 dont they ?
      The works themselves involved the Total Closure of the Nearside Traffic Lanes with the attendant disruption to several of the busiest Bus Stops in Dublin along Trinity`s wall.
      The fact that Nassau St is a MAJOR outbound artery from the city appears to have gone well over the Site engineers head as he/she did not bother to even attempt to maintain some semblance of Traffic Flow by temporarily removing the on-street parking along the Right-Hand of the street which would have immediately given another useable traffic lane and allowed traffic to proceed whilst Buses attempted to load at the one or two remaining stops.
      It also seems that Dublin Bus were not informed OR that they decided to ignore the warnings in the hope it would go away as they Insisted on maintaining a Business as Usual stance which saw ALL of the routes continuing to attempt embarking/disembarking passengers in a VERY dangerous situation indeed.
      This,coupled with confused and bewildered pasengers forced to run pell-mell along through the rubble strewn site would seem to suggest that the lessons learned from the Wellington Quay disaster have been quickly forgotten by All and sundry in Dublins Civic makeup.
      I am assuming that senior SIAC managers had some form of Plan in relation to this location and that a Safety Statement is in existance..?
      However the total lack of coordination,cooperation,contact between the various entities involved in the operation of this street would appear to suggest that the SIAC team merely sat blindfolded in a darkened room and stuck a pin in a map of Dublin before rushing out with a cry of “Rite Lads…It`s Nassau St tonite !!!!!”
      Once again it comes right back down to a total vacuum in Civic Leadership starting with the City Manager and downwards through The Director of Traffic,Area Engineer,Site Engineer and the rest.
      Its simply incredible to even contemplate that an entire sector of so called Professionally Qualified people could allow a Major City street to be taken out of commission without even making the slightest attempt to interact with the Public Transport operator or the Citizenry at large.
      The street itself is well covered by CCTV and Garda CCTV cameras so these hi-quality Professional types cannot claim ignorance as a defence.
      Are the Civil Engineering profession not taught anything about being pro-active in relation to minimizing public disruption caused by their works.
      From my observations last night the Engineers simply sat in their SUV`s twittering away on Mobile Phones whilst all around them the Public milled about in total confusion.
      Dublin Bus`es sole nod in the direction of ANYTHING being amiss along Nassau St was an announcement to Drivers at 22.55 to advise them to utilize the sole remaing free stop at the end of the row for ALL routes…..
      and That was it folks……..!!!
      Merrie Melodies indeed………!!!!
      Has anybody heard if the City Manager has turned up at Hatch 7 yet…….????? 😡

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      Have not seen that one but this morning, coming to work, I came across works removing a new (less than 12 month old) bus stop – You know the fancy fixed ones with the inset brick, the dimples etc for some purpose.
      It was gone, bare earth replaced it. Dont know why.

      THe new “temporary” bus stop was on the actual junction corner , fixed to a light standard on the angle,

      The bus stopped – and as the door is at the front of our buses, the rest of the bus then blocked the junction completely and the passengers got off and got on , threading their way between the blocked vehicles trying to exit, the builders, the vanished “dimples” etc etc. Repeat as oftne as necessary.

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      Alek Smart

      Wot a difference a day makes…or maybe not.
      Tonights Nassau St performance had moved to the opposite side of the street,ie: the Kilkenny Design side.
      Obviously some engineering luminary had studied this long and hard for there were several signs attached to Pay an Display Machines and lamp standards etc.
      The signs were indeed comprehensive.
      “No Parking from 1900- 0600 on Sun,Mon,Tues,Wed”
      Simple enuf…however not simple enuf to prevent 5 vehicles from occupying spaces at 2000 …
      Oddly enuf if these signs were in evidence on Sunday they were roundly ignored also.
      Its a bit like the O Connell St No Motorcycle Parking signs which are now just elements of High Farce with little or no value of any description.
      However SIAC have to be congratulated on at least making the attempt,whereas good ol Dublin Bus mindful of the fact that it had at least got a footpath to operate from simply continued with business as (ab) normal.
      I presume DC3 is referring to the Clonskeagh region where Dun Laoighre/Rathdown have embarked upon a programme of Kassel Kerb installation along the route of the number 11 which has been a Low-Floor route now for over 4 years.
      The very concept of a “Temporary” Bus Stop sign is of itself a wildly innovative one around this town so perhaps we require a bedding-in period to allow the full potential of such theroems to be realized. 😎

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      I noted the belated April Fools’ joke of a bus stop on O’Connell Bridge was hastily removed the other week 😉

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      Alek Smart

      Incredible stuff this….Although the stop has disappeared the Galway CityLink coaches are continuing to utilize the Southbound side of O Connell Bridge as the termini.
      I have absolutely no idea how foreigners or other unfamiliar people are expected to locate the terminus now.
      Incidentally a lad in the barbers today said that the stop AND its concrete base had been thrown into the Liffey by some Cork GAA fans last week………Must have went to town on their Weetabix before coming up for the match..??

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      Well when I saw it during the day only the base was left, so he seems to have been embellishing somewhat 🙂

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      Alek Smart

      Ah thats it…..At least the Kerrymen would have gone the full hog….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮

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