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      The new addition to the Diocesan Museum, as an addition to the open cloister arrangement in the Santo Eustorgio complex, will occupy the area between the Parco delle Basiliche and the Corso di Porta Ticinese which is has remained somewhat ill-defined since the wartime destruction.

      The project is to be designed as a suitably-organized whole that deals with a number of problems in urban design and townscape: the relationship with the Corso di Porta Ticinese, the rehabilitation of the blind elevations of the buildings adjoining the empty space left by the wartime demolitions, the provision of proper access to the Parco delle Basiliche, and the relationships with the open cloister and the Santo Eustorgio monument complex as a whole.

      The new portion must relate to the surrounding spaces (the Parco delle Basiliche and the Corso di Porta Ticinese), so that exhibitions could be envisaged that take place in those outdoor spaces as well, extra-institutional activities such as meetings and conferences could on occasion involve the use of the adjacent open spaces, and also to facilitate the urban connectedness and exploitation of activities belonging to the museum complex ? the bookstore, gift shop, and cafeteria ? which would be accessible even outside the Museum?s opening hours.

      In particular, the institution?s two parts (the part of the existing monument complex that is at present fitted out for permanent collections, and the new part intended for temporary exhibitions, as described in detail in this document?s section on Design Guidelines) will need to be properly related and physically linked to each other. A shared atrium must give separate access to the two parts, allowing visitors to tour the permanent collections or the temporary exhibitions quite independently.

      The new addition, will be about 3,800 square meters of gross surface area, plus about 700 m2 of underground service space; the total cost is to be euro 11,000,000.

      Registration Deadline 06/05/2007
      Submission Deadline 06/05/2007

      EURO 30,000 plus Design Commission

      Giovanni Oggioni, Paolo Biscottini, Gaetano Brambilla, Marco Brandolisio, Mario Brianza, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Giuseppe Marinoni, Umberto Riva and Francesco Venezia

      Studio EVDS, Arch. Daniela Sarracco
      Competition Secretariat,
      Via Sapeto, 5 – 20123 Milano, Italia

      Further Details

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