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      There isn’t anything on the City Council website about this, at least no press release that I can find.

      According to Olivia Kelly in the Irish Times today:

      ‘Dublin City Council is seeking ”mom and pop developers” to build their own homes on council land in the centre of the city.

      The council has identified vacant sites it owns, not suitable for social housing schemes but ideal for small-scale housing, and wants to give a chance to groups, family or friends, to come together and pitch to build their own apartments.’

      The article goes on to explain that the council have identified a site on Fishamble Street, across the road from the Civic Offices, to be a pilot site and it goes on about possible configurations of extended families on various levels and so on.

      I think the tag-line here needs a bit of work, but, that apart, this is a decent idea.

      While residential usage is the key, I do think the Fishamble Street site needs a shop/commercial unit at street level, possibly selling knitted products or basketry to maintain the theme.

      What ever happened to the Dominick Street pilot – re-imagine the Dublin house plot scheme?

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      Apartments or houses?

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