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      Just wondering – in light of the current climate how do people market themselves? Has anyone really good ideas for reaching clients, particularly through the internet.

      Has social networking changed the way you market yourselves? Has anyone come across a really innovative way of drumming up business? Blogs, news items etc? Are twitter and linkedin any use?

      I’m working for an architecture firm so we would need to reach a very particular type of client. I’m wondering if beyond keeping our website current are there new/ emerging ways of doing this.

      Anyway I’d love to hear some ideas,


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      Paul Clerkin

      Things I would do:

      Keep the website current – pick a project underway and focus on it, with weekly updates or a blog from the architect in charge on progress on a job, or a group office blog

      Media releases – keep them coming. Archiseek for example is always looking for news, because the site is a almost daily instead of a monthly publication, it’s particularly news hungry.

      And of course you could always sponsor this site 😉

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      Ha ha! Thanks Paul. Good ideas there. Nice idea about the blog and keeping track of changes.

      Media releases is somethin we have never done – think its about time. We’re getting a couple of projects photographed at the moment so I’ll definitely suggest getting some news on Archiseek. Thanks.

      Any other thoughts?

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      Paul Clerkin

      yeah i have one or two 😉

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      Alright alright. I might suggest sponsorship!!:p

Viewing 4 reply threads
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