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      Given the scale of the proposed development, it seems to be one worth watching.

      I have to say that the RTE report confused me, because I couldn’t see how something that supported only 5 jobs per acre could be compared to CityWest (unless they meant it was going to be built of LEGO 😉 ).

      Also, the CityWest analogy could be a bad one, because a lot of the development of CityWest has been because of the cost lack of ommercial space in the centre of Dublin. Neither Cork nor Limerick is suffering from this problem yet. But then, it turns out that only 30 acres is targeted for commercial usage.

      The good news is that the devlopment is right next to a railway line. The bad news is that the line in question is the Mallow-Kerry line, not the Cork-Dublin line. Neither article refers to this, despite the standard blurb about sustainable development.

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