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      I was going down the Malahide Road on Saturday and noticed that the little toll house down near Fairview park has been totally demolished (there were workmen moving around the rubble as I went by on the bus about 3pm). There has been a planning permission notice on it for a while, but I believe that there were various attempts to preserve the building. Obviously now failed.

      I believe that the toll house is a relic from the 18th century, when Marino was part of Lord Charlemont’s estate and the Malahide Road was one of the tolled routes out of Dublin. Although it hasn’t been used for a couple of years (shoemaker’s shop before that), it was a rather unique building in the urban landscape and probably in all of Ireland.

      Below should be a photo of the toll house in former days, although if you go there now, you’ll just find a gaping big hole…

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      On the one hand, its sad to see this go. I know some local residents and An Taisce were active in trying to preserve it. And you are quite right in pointing out that it dates from 18th century.
      It is in quite a state of decay though and apart from its age and longevity is not particularly remarkable. Its hard to see what practical use it could have if it were repaired as it is tiny. Sometimes the process of renewal and rebuild just needs to take place.

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      On a related note there is still no sign of the enforcment of the order to remove the trifoil advertising hoarding from Number 1, The Crescent. Would be glad to see it go.

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      What a shameful condition this building (1 The Crescent) is in. Its been like that for years as well. Its not that costly to paint the building. As it stands its an eyesore. And I agree about the advertisement board which have no place at a site like this.

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