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      This is just a general suggestion to all those using this forum. Is there any possibility that in future you could put the town/city name before the name of a project or street.

      e.g. Cork: Oliver Plunket Street Redevelopment
      or Dublin: O’Connell Street Redevelopment.

      There’s a tendency, particularly amongst those of us living in Dublin, to assume that everyone knows that a particular street or buidling is in Dublin.

      Many street names and areas are also not unique to a particular city and occur in several places. e.g. Blackrock, Co. Dublin and Blackrock, Cork.
      O’Connell Street Dublin and Limerick.. there are countless examples.

      Anyway, I’m not moaning. Just making a suggestion to make it easier for contributers to find things. It’s particularly important to remember when contributions to the forum may come from people who arn’t 100% familiar with every city in Ireland.

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