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      I was looking at the Environmental Impact Assessment for Luas Line B (Stephens Green to Sandyford) in Dun Laoighaire town hall recently. It looks like a fine piece of design – the stations and all their hardware have a clean, sharp look (a million miles from the black Victorian bollards which a lot of recent municipal hardware has become). The overhead bridges will really add an extra layer to the areas they pass through (although the bridge at Taney junction looks just slightly overblown for its function).

      I think one of the strongest arguments for having the LUAS above ground was that they are a self-advertisement by the fact of their visibility and just the activity they add to the city.

      I hope the schem goes as planned, but for now the EIS is definitely worth a look.

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      Paul Clerkin

      I’m hoping to get permission soon to republish some of their images on this site with some of their accompanying text.

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      Góide na h-aiteanna go direach ina mbeidh Luas faoi thalamh sa chathair ? Tá eolas agam ar an líne o Sandyford go Sráid Ui Chonaill, go rachaidh sé fa thalamh ag barr Sráid Fhearchair. Ach góide fa na línte eile, mar shampla an líne ó Tallaght go Sraid na Mainistreach – an rachaidh sé fa thalamh ait ar bith ? An é an líne ó Sandyford amhain a ghabhail fa thalamh ?

      Caithfidh mé a aontú le hOwen, bhéadh sé i bhfad ní b’fhearr da mbeadh na línte ar fad infeicte ar an tsraid.

      I know the line from Sanyford to O’Connell St will be below ground between the centre and Harcourt St(?). Will this be the only line to be below ground at any stage? What about the line from Tallaght to Abbey St – and from there to Connolly Station – above or below ?

      I’m in agreement with Owen regarding the preference for on-street rather than underground trams.


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      Paul Clerkin

      From what I’ve see of Line C – through Abbey Street will be above ground with possible continuation on through the IFSC down to Spencer Dock where the convention centre shall be…..

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