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      I see a couple of pontoons moored to the quay wall at Eden Quay. Could this be the start of work on the boardwalk extension? I was thinking about how this should look. Rather than just a simple entrance at each end (O’Connell Bridge and Butt Bridge) I think an opening opposite Malborough St would be a good idea. It would help develop the quayside in advance of our new river facing National Theatre (dont all hold your breaths).

      Also work is due to start on the pedestrian bridge at Custom House Quay. Any movemnt on Macken St? And what of the pedestrian bridge proposed from Malborough St to Hawkins St.

      DDDA are also working with designers for an ‘innovative’ lighting scheme along the Liffey from Butt Bridge to the Point. In addition to all the stuff they have put up?

      PS whats with all the lights out along the quays?

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      as i remember they intend an entrance opposate marlboro street and there was discussion of this this is tricky because they need a flood gate, the bank rises near bridges, but not between bridges, so this is an issue.

      the campshires are so great since those warehouses came down.

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      Do the DDDA intend to move to new offices or are they just going to stay where they are? That building is an awful blot on the north campshire.

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      What about BJ Marine on the south campshire will that eventually go too?

      I’m really looking forward to the Calatrava’s Macken St road bridge. I think it will be fantastic addition to the area and to traffic flow!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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