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      this may sound a bit strange, but here it is:
      I am currently doing research about the history of Irish Wolfhounds. It is said that Archibald Hamilton Rowan, who once resided in Leinster Stree No 5, owned some of these hounds, and the description of Dublin Route III on this website reads:

      “In front of the house on the left will be observed a figure of Hibernia. This was placed there along with a figure of a Danish wolf-dog at the opposite side by Archibald Hamilton Rowan, who occupied the house from 1818 to 1826, and built a circular ballroom in the rear; his stables, cow-house, and other offices extending far beyond. “

      It would be extremely interesting for me to know if the figurine of the “wolfdog” is still there and if there is a picture of it. This way I could determine if it really resembles a Great Dane (?) or an Irish Wolfhound.

      TIA for any help and best regards,

      Jens Hildebrand.

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      If you want to see monumental Irish wolfhounds, may I suggest Liam Lynch monument in Knockmealdown Mountains on the Tipperary/Waterford border.

      Erected circa 1930, the monument was to consist of a round tower 2/3 scale of a real tower with 4 bronze wolfhounds at each of the points of compass at base.
      However money ran out and the monument was left unfinished until …. about 1997, when a number of locals and other enthusiasts got together, started raising funds, and subsequently commisioned the sculptor Pauline O´ Connell, put a hound on each of the 4 points. (And in fact an extra hound was cast which has subsequently ended up in the possession of my own family 😉 )

      Hope this is of help

      PS – AHR´s house at Rathcoffey in Kildare is well worth a look; no wolfhounds, but a very interesting and remarkable neo-classical (ruined) edifice constructed on top of a medieval hall house – a real gem! Also a defensive gatehouse nearby


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      Thank you, that is very interesting.


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      Paul Clerkin

      Archibald Hamilton Rowan’s house is gone afaik, I think the new extension to the National Gallery is on that site

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