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      Denny Boy

      Any news on the carpark at the back of Leinster House? Its been there for years now and looks really ugly.

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      Frank Taylor

      Giving free city centre parking to TD’s and senators for life encourages them to drive into town. This will disincline them towards adopting public transport friendly policies. The same thing applies to civil servants (including the DTO).

      Is there any party that has come out against the disgrace of this untaxed anti-society perk? Greens, Labour?

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      I heard from someone that Eamon Ryan of the greens likes to joke about the ‘ministerial bicylce’ he is due to get

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      What was there before, was it a public park? Is it intended to open it as such once the cars eventually go?

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      What was there before was part lawn, part carpark.

      Conversion to all carpark was explicitly stated to be temporary, pending development of the office / committee room facilities that are on the left of Leinster House (between building and old College of Art site).

      These have been open for about two / three years now. doubtless the same “immediately” as applied in the Archers case may apply here.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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