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      Interesting exhibit of Lawrence photos of the Dublin area, with a Joycean context, is on show at present at the National photographic archive. It will be of interest to those concerned with the built environment and the streetscape, in particular. Worth a look.

      You can also visit an exhibition in the nearby Gallery of Photography, showing photos taken in Dublin in 1964. Interesting contrast between the two, I found that one a little banal but it might suit the bus enthusiasts rather more.

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      DC3, it is a good expo isnt it. I must check out the other one from the 1960s. There is more talk of the present Joycean one on the National Archives Thread.



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      Glad you enjoyed the Lawrence show.
      The detail drawn from those big glass photo plates is something else, but I wish they would use non reflective glass frames or no glass at all for this show (after all these prints can be sacrificed if need be).

      Incidentally, is not the space very poorly used in that Gallery, – especially the upstairs gallery which usually has no more than four or five prints hanging there?

      Anywhere else they would use the room height more agressively, with big blow up photos on the upper walls. A huge space with more unused potential.

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