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      Has anyone seen the new bridge over the railway at Kilbarrack DART Station?
      Although it spans a large area I think the
      whole look of it is impressive particularly
      the spiralling shapes on either side.
      With a bit of thought, the landscaping should enhance all the feautures of the bridge and the surrounding area.

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      David Chambers

      It is interesting to note that this bridge which I referred to in the “Dundalk Railway Station” thread has space for a quadruple track. How would the approaches to this bridge be described? They are like sliproads at a motorway junction (like the junction at the north of Naas on the N7, not the “Mad Cow” futher north with with the LUAS bridge).

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      David Chambers

      There is one aspect of the design of this bridge which I find to be good for traffic using it. This bridge facilitates cyclists, wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs. I will say that it can be such a pain-in-the-arse lugging a bike up a flight of steps and I’m sure parents will say the same about pushchairs. However the spiral “sliproad” approaches also act as a traffic calming measure by preventing children from charging across it and knocking down any pedestrians. It also makes good use of land on either side of the line. My only qualm is that it should be wide enough to have two lanes, one for pedestrian traffic and another for cyclists, the latter surfaced with a red material. It can be said that the beauty of this bridge is its simplicity. It is far superior to the crap that preceded it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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