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      Hi all,
      Im new here so apologies if this has come up before.

      Im looking at buying an apartment on Island St off Ushers quay in Dublin 8. My only reservation is the surrounding area and what is going to happen to it in the future. There are alot of old derilict flats on that street,and the street is generally looking a bit run down.

      Can anyone tell me where i might get some info on any plans for development in the area,or does anyone ehre know anything about it? Any help would be appreciated.



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      You may be interested to know that two new planning notices went up in this area lately. The first involves the demolition of St Olafs and some derelict buildings on Ushers Quay to build a new storey multi block apertmnent complex. The other on the far side of Bridgefoot Street (Ushers Island) simlarly invloved demolition and building of apartments. Then of course there is the whole revamp of STWs hideously misconceived Bridgefoot St flats complex which is curently underway.

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      media lab europe’s master plan kindas includes the area even though ushers island/bridgefoot is just outside its boundaries.
      You should try get a look at that. have to say I ‘ve never liked that part of town meself, don’t buy into that ‘salt o’ de eart ‘locals shite.The real Dubs are on the Northside!

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