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      [font=Verdana:5yisea56]I'm architect from Cork, near blarney running the London Marathon on April 17th 2005 next week!

      I have just run the Bath half Marathon and am running the London
      next week for Farm Africa. They're a N.G.O. who teach
      and provide for the poor and starving of sub Saharan Africa see” class=”bbcode_url”> they try to teach them to help themselves,
      donations pay for goats,seed , wells, farming tools etc.
      The areas they deal with are in desperate need of help, they get little in the way of publicity with other more recent crisis taking the lime light hence the greater need for people like us to help out. In an era where the word sustainability is tossed around so liberally here is a charity actually doing it. 😎

      I'm seeking to raise an unfathomable £1500 and am well over 2/3rds of the way there as of today.

      to donate just go to:

      Its a total of 39.3 miles in the space of 4 weeks between the 20th of
      March and the 17 of April
      or the equivalent of running from

      Cloghroe to Cork City and back 5 and half times or 😮

      from Bath to Bristol 3 times! 😮

      hopefully this will curb my attitude for doing mad crazy things, yeah like that will happon!! :rolleyes:[/font:5yisea56]

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