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      Bridgestones verdict on Ireland’s new hotels….” they have mushroomed without a thought to good taste or subtley”….John Mc Kenna is spot on.

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      Frank Taylor

      I thought of the Inchydoney Island Hotel when I read this.

      A massive kip in a beauty spot. Don’t know how it got planning permission.

      The building and apartments beside have a creepy familiarity about them. They look like half the one-off houses built in the last 10 years around the country, only bigger. Even the interiors, the coving , the skirting boards, the carpets, the bathrooms all seem to come from the same builders provider. A lot of pale yellow paint used.

      Swimming pool’s nice though.

      edit: here’s a photo

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      This is where FF had that famous “THINK IN” back in 2004.

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      The key point in this, as was pointed out in the Irish Times article yesterday, is tax incentives. And, by extension, under-resourced planning authorities that were unable to assess adequately many of the proposals due to lack of staff.
      But who grants the stars? Is it just a case of ticking enough boxes on a sheet to get the required classification? “Does it look like one of Saddam’s/Ceausescu’s palaces? Slap on an extra star!”

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      Alek Smart

      Wat comes around…goes around…..what price a FF/PD think-in out in Citywest before Chrissy….???? 😉

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