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      Does anyone know where I could find information on a property that originally stood on the site of the Kincora estate at Dollymount? The house was demolished in 1968 to make way for the new housing estate there. Apparently this property was known as ‘Kincora’ (or KinKora) and might also have been the house that originally gave the area of ‘Dollymount’ it’s name. (see below). I contacted the Irish Architectural Archive and this is a segment of their response –

      According to Weston St. John Joyce’s The Neighbourhood of Dublin, (Dublin 1912, p. 252), ‘The name Dollymount would seem to have originated with a house bearing that title which stood on or adjoining the site of Sea Park in Mount Prospect Avenue, and which is shown in Duncan’s Map (William Duncan’s Map of the County of Dublin, 1821) of 1820 (sic). “Dollymount House” appears in the Dublin Directory up to 1836 after which it disappears, doubtless having been re-named, and in 1838 the name appears for the first time as that of a district…’

      I would be very interested to hear anything about the house – from those who both lived and also possibly worked in it, to those who might have lived close by in the neighbourhood and have some memories of the house. I would be especially interested in any photographs, paintings or drawings of the house if at all possible?

      My mum spent much of her childhood living in the house and as she is nearly 80 now and not in great health, I would really like to get a picture of the house for her to give her a chance to relive her memories as she really loved it and was heartbroken when she had heard it had been demolished.

      Any help at all would be very much appreciated.

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