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      I am just completing an extension to my property. The main part of the house was built in 1939 and on our first extension 7 years ago we managed to track down some reclaimed tiles that matched the existing ones. For this work however we have not. As you can imagine the old tiles look weathered and have moss and lykens all over them.
      Now I would like to force along the aged look on the new extension roof. It is only single story so will not be side by side with the old.
      It was mentioned that mixing some yogurt with water and spraying this on the roof would speed up the forming of the moss ect. Is this correct?

      Anyone go other methods that might not stink the house up.

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      there are plenty of salvage yards around the country that stock old tiles and slates . If the new extension or part of is visible from the front , you could consider using some of your existing tiles from say the back of the house there and replacing them with the new ones.

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