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      Im looking for a pretty high definition image of dublin, stretching from o’connel street right out to the sea… more interested in the complete docklands area. Where could i source a pretty uptodate image cheaply, and how much could i be looking at?… im a student looking to super impose my site analysis onto the image (i’ve got a complete cad map but its a bit mehhhh). I’ve taken tonnes of images from google earth and photomerged them in ps, but i’d prefer something crispier… if the price is right!

      Cheers –

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      Paul Clerkin

      Have you tried the OSI?

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      you can also try Mapflow

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      you can also use googleearth, myhome.ie or dto.ie to make a collage. it’s not for reproduction but for college use it should be fine.

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      i actually gave google earth another shot after adjusting all settings to max detail… zoomed in a bit further and got a pretty good montage of 120 saved images 🙂

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