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      anne romme

      Does anyone know where you can download some decent pictures of the Beckett theatre in Trinty College Dublin ? I have been trying without any luck for a while. I need them for a project.

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      mark randall

      have you tried, prehaps you can mail them to see if they’ll send you some pics,

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      Well, we have a little picture of the wooden section of the Samuel Beckett Centre on our web site:


      You might get more pictures at the website of
      Drama Department.

      If you’re doing a project on the Beckett Centre, let me tell you as somebody who has spent the last six years of his life in it, that it is a shambles. Personally, I think that the wood-clad exterior is spectacular, but the building just doesn’t work properly for any of the purposes for which it was intended.
      1) the building contains two theatres and a dance studio. We in Players run one (Players Theatre) and the Drama Department run the other, as well as the dance studio. However, nobody thought that it might be a good idea to soundproof the place, which has caused enormous problems over the years when two shows are scheduled at the same time. Also, the dance studio is directly above Players, so if a group are using it while a show is running in Players, the audience at the Players show are invariably subjected to a shower of dust from the ceiling.
      2) The teaching space (there is only one room – hopelessly inadequate) is not properly ventilated – if you open the windows it is not possible to have a class, as the traffic outside is too loud.

      I could go on. Of course, it has its good points (Players itself actually works quite well as a unit), but I think that the failure to soundproof is a fundamental flaw.

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