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      So what do you all think of whats gone up in this area over the last couple of years ??

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      T.G. Scott

      i think it is not too bad as it has at least focused a little attention on the area. always thought we could have a mini flat iron building around the corner where the spar is/used to be coming down portobello rd!!!
      a pity that the other side of the road is still being left to rot. if the council could do something like cleaning up some of the older buildings and providing a park for the local kids it would be great. dream on i guess…
      i love the building on the corner of harcourt rd and it would be nice to see something done with the old wreck down adelaide rd (school of music/ucd) plus always thought the cop shop on harcourt st was a shambles….:confused:

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      Eircom’s tribute to red brick looks very out of place now.
      The building on the corner with Harcourt St looks great in contrast with the Victorian station, as does the view of it from outside the Garda station.
      The description of the Garda station at the time of comnpletion as akin to ‘an Albanium metal asylum’ is scarily appropriate.

      And as for the transformation of Iveagh Court. It was clad in glassfibre lightweight panels, which were simply attached with big ‘clips’ to the original aggregate nastiness. You could get a great view of what was going on from the top of the bus.

      Isn’t there more building about to get underway on Harcourt Rd with the recent demolition of rotting shops – anyone know what’s going up?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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