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      I’ve recently been asked to look at a building in ireland to do some minor work to. Adding some extra space and renovating the interior.
      Does anyone have any webpages where i could get some useful information and guidance on the irish procedures for this sort of work.


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      Are you asking because it’s a Protected Structure, and you’re wondering about planning, or are you asking about conservation techniques?

      If planning, try the local council.

      If conservation techniques, try Dublin City Council…Development Dept/Planning/City Architects…have a few brochures on things like the Sustainable Reuse of Buildings, and little conservation brochures on things like brickwork, windows, etc (although I picked up those little brochures about 4 years ago…but I’m sure they’d still have something similar)…get talking to the conservation architect and they can give you all the details of the Georgian Society, etc, etc.

      website is
      Tel: 01 2222222

      The RIAI should be of some use to you also.

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      Paul Clerkin

      also the Irish Geogrian Society have a list of practioners and advice leaflets

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      As Paul has said the Irish Georgian Society,

      They have a listing of accredited professionals accross the built environment field.

      Their advice would be invaluable and if it is a project that meets certain criteria they also make small grants towards the costs of qualifying projects.

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      A very good place to start would be to get your hands on a copy of of the excellent ‘Period Houses: A Conservation Guidance Manual’ published by Dublin Civic Trust which covers everything from brick & render finishes to plasterwork and joinery. It’s has loads of photos as well. Most of the Georgian Society’s work is limited to just that, Georgiana, whereas this covers the Victorian housing stock, villas and artisan cottages alike.

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