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      group 91+1 for 2016:

      If you where to make an Irish architecture/design supergroup for a special one off project from design to as built who would you hand pick… and how would you structure it…
      Your budget is 10% of 500,000,000 for 6000 mtr sq or what ever it ends up costing the process will take 6 years. Do you think it would work or would it in up in tears???
      If any one replys to this thread I would be surprised… but go ahead fireaway:D

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      Can i be the main contractor:p

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      “Creativity is in the Irish DNA – generations of Irish actors, directors, writers, designers and film-makers have made their names in Hollywood, and have inspired, excited and entertained so many on the big screen.

      “More recent years have seen the flourishing of that creativity gene in a new generation of entrepreneurs who are technologically innovative and market-intuitive, and they have made their mark on this industry too.”

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      A report from the Comptroller and Auditor General found that schools provided under the PPP route can cost the taxpayer more. But the department maintains the PPP model is the most cost efficient way of building new school shamswastikas with Luas fares to increase 5.5% from next month. Will Irish architecture be bailed out? pigs fly… 😉

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